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A running guide to who voices all those characters on ‘BoJack Horseman,’ from Issa Rae to Rami Malek

Issa Rae, Hong Chau, Eva Longoria, Brian Tyree Henry and John Leguizamo are among the stars lending their voices to the fifth season of Netflix’s “BoJack Horseman,” which premiered Friday. We scoured the credits to bring you this relatively spoiler-free guide to the voices behind the show’s most visible characters. (We’ll continue to update this post, so let us know if we missed anyone.)

BoJack Horseman

Will Arnett, who voices the titular character, is also one of the show’s executive producers.

Butterscotch Horseman

Arnett is also the voice of BoJack’s alcoholic father, who has appeared in flashbacks.

Beatrice Horseman

BoJack’s mother, a cold and exacting presence in BoJack’s younger days, is voiced by Wendie Malick.

Princess Carolyn

Amy Sedaris is the voice of this pink Persian cat, who climbed up the talent agency ranks and now manages some of Hollywoo’s brightest stars, including BoJack, her former on-again, off-again boyfriend.

Todd Chavez

“Breaking Bad” alum Aaron Paul is the voice behind BoJack’s close friend, who has become Hollywoo’s resident couchsurfer.

Diane Nguyen

Alison Brie is the voice of BoJack’s friend and biographer, Diane.

The decision to cast a white actress as the Vietnamese American Diane has fueled some controversy; creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg recently told Slate that he has regrets about the casting decision and that it affected the storytelling in earlier seasons of the show. A Diane-centric episode this season helps undo some of the damage.

Brie also voices a number of other recurring characters, including BoJack’s former “Horsin’ Around” castmate Joelle, and Princess Carolyn’s ex-boyfriend — we’re using the term loosely — Vincent Adultman, who, BoJack realistically posits, is three small children stacked together in a trench coat.

Mr. Peanutbutter

Paul F. Tompkins is the voice of Diane’s ex-husband, Mr. Peanutbutter, the lovable yellow lab who was BoJack’s sitcom rival back in the day. The comedian also voices a host of minor recurring characters.

Dr. Indira

Issa Rae lends her voice to Hollywoo therapist Dr. Indira in Season 5. The “Insecure” star also happens to be a fan of the show. “It’s so dark and so good,” she told the Los Angeles Times last year.


Comedian Wanda Sykes is the voice of Dr. Indira’s wife, Mary-Beth, a corporate mediator.


Hong Chau, who starred opposite Matt Damon in “Downsizing,” is the voice behind Pickles, the pug waitress who captures Mr. Peanutbutter’s eye in Season 5.

Jessica Biel

As Mr. Peanutbutter’s second wife, “The Sinner” actress-producer voices a hilariously exaggerated version of herself.


Lake Bell is the voice behind Mr. Peanutbutter’s first wife.

Margo Martindale

The Emmy winner, who voices a version of herself, is so legendary that she’s usually referred to as “character actress Margo Martindale” whenever she pops up in BoJack’s universe. Season 5 is a bit different, though.


Tony Award-winning actress Audra McDonald plays a wise nun in an important Season 5 episode.

What Time Is It Right Now CEO

“The Wire” alum Isiah Whitlock Jr. provides the commanding voice of the executive behind the network employing BoJack and, somehow, Todd.

Flip McVicker

Rami Malek, of “Mr. Robot” fame, is the voice behind BoJack’s arrogant “Philbert” director.


Meanwhile, BoJack’s “Philbert” co-star (and casual hookup) is voiced by “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star Stephanie Beatriz.

Skinny Gina

Gina isn’t to be confused with Constance Zimmer’s Skinny Gina, the whale who works at Whale World, a stripper joint owned by BoJack’s former “Horsin’ Around” castmate Ritchie (voiced by Fred Savage).

Sarah Lynn

Speaking of “Horsin’ Around,” BoJack’s on-screen daughter, who met a tragic fate at the end of Season 3, was voiced by Kristen Schaal.

Charlotte Carson

Olivia Wilde is the voice of this doe (as in, literally, a female deer), who was good friends with BoJack before a disturbing incident involving her teenage daughter.

Penny Carson

“Broad City’s” Ilana Glazer lends her voice to Charlotte’s daughter.


Glazer’s “Broad City” partner-in-crime, Abbi Jacobson, is the voice of Emily, Todd’s bestie and high school girlfriend.

Yolanda Buenaventura

Natalie Morales (of “Parks and Recreation” fame) is the voice behind one of Todd’s love interests, Yolanda, an anthropomorphic axolotl, who, like Todd, identifies as asexual. She also voices Mindy, Yolanda’s twin sister.

Mr. and Mrs. Buenaventura

Unlike their daughter, Yolanda’s parents — whom we meet, along with Mindy, in a bonkers Season 5 episode — are very into sex. Her father (John Leguizamo) is the author of several best-selling erotic novels, while her mother (Eva Longoria) is an adult-film star.

Stefani Stilton

Kimiko Glenn (“Orange Is the New Black”) is Diane’s content-hungry Girl Croosh editor.

Ralph Stilton

Stefani’s brother, who used to date Princess Carolyn, is voiced by “Law and Order: SVU” alum Raúl Esparza.


Whoopi Goldberg is the voice of the enterprising stork, an adoption caseworker who encourages Princess Carolyn to pursue her dreams of adopting a child.


Jean Villepique (“Sharp Objects”) lends her vocals to the blunt adoption caseworker assigned to help Princess Carolyn find a baby.


Jaime Pressly (“My Name Is Earl”) is the voice behind this character who crosses paths with Princess Carolyn in Season 5.

Cutie Cutie Cupcake

Amy Sedaris’s brother, David, lends his voice to Princess Carolyn’s mother, whom we meet in Season 5 flashbacks.

Cooper Thomas Rogers Wallace Jr.

“Atlanta” star Brian Tyree Henry is the voice of Princess Carolyn’s high school boyfriend.

Cooper Thomas Rogers Wallace Sr.

Cooper’s wealthy father is voiced by Daveed Diggs of “Hamilton” and “Blackish” fame.

Hollyhock Manheim-Mannheim-Guerrero-Robinson-Zilberschlag-Hsung-Fonzerelli-McQuack

Comedian Aparna Nancherla is the voice behind this teenage horse with many surnames who pops up mysteriously in Season 4 and is revealed to be a major part of BoJack’s life.

Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface

Hollywoo’s oblivious cop is voiced by comedian Cedrick Yarbrough.

Dr. Allen Hu

Ken Jeong is the voice of this shady doctor, who resurfaces in Season 5.

Vance Waggoner

Bobby Cannavale is the voice of this problematic actor, who appears in a Season 5 scene with Mark Feuerstein, who plays himself.

Tom Jumbo-Grumbo

As he proudly proclaims in his Twitter bio, sports and political commentator Keith Olbermann delivers lines for this blue whale, an anchor for . . . wait for it . . . MSNBSea.

Abel Ziegler and Ziggy Abler

Veteran comedians Gabe Kaplan and Richard Lewis lend their vocal cords to this writing duo, who surface in Season 5.

Ana Spanikopita

Angela Bassett is behind this ruthless publicist, who resurfaces in Season 5.

Correction: An earlier version of this post incorrectly referred to Pickles as a bulldog. She is a pug. The post has been updated.

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